Learning JavaScript through a Minecraft plugin

Minecraft is awesome, like a free, infinite Lego set that you can share with friends. Most of our club plays Minecraft. A couple of weeks ago we explored a Minecraft plugin called ScriptCraft that allows players to use the JavaScript language to interact with a modified Minecraft server distribution called CanaryMod. We found two benefits. First, we got some exposure to JavaScript, one of the most useful and easy-to-learn programming languages around. Second, we were able to create massive geometric structures in the Minecraft world by typing a single command at the game prompt. You haven’t really experienced Minecraft power until you can create a sphere consisting of over 30,000 cubes of TNT with a single command!

If you want to set up your own environment, start by downloading CanaryMod and then add the ScriptCraft plugin. Then follow the ScriptCraft programming guide to learn the wizardry!